Our biggest mistake

October 10, 2023
Our biggest mistake
We are often told that having too many suppliers is one of the worst mistakes you can make as a restaurant owner. And we love having this conversation with other experts in the restaurant industry. The reality is that the more suppliers we have, the more we honor our mission. Plain and simple.
Even though having more than 70 suppliers makes our operations far more challenging that any other restaurant, its meaning makes it worthy. Why? Every supplier we bring on board, it’s not considered a supplier to GROU. Here, our so called “suppliers” are our partners, are the heart of the business. We are here to support local brands, we are just a platform to provide a unique local experience. Without them, we no longer exist. Those 70+ local brands we support, are 70+ stories of success, hard work and dedication within a 5mile radius. Those brands have names, faces, inspiring missions that make their product even better.
GROU takes pride in their partners and the positive impact of their business in our community. Through them, we are able to support 450+ families including all the owners, entrepreneurs, employees, and people involved. At the same time, more than 35 out of all our 70+ partners and women-owned and operated, which inspires us even more!
For other local businesses we don’t carry in our menu but still want to support, we host local bazars, markets and private events, to promote them and help them GROU (grow, group and ground).
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Written by:
Grou Team